• TRL-9, flight heritage achieved, 100% mission success
  • Non-pyrotechnic CubeSat dispenser
  • 2 kg per U mass capability
  • Fully preloaded payload tabs
  • Lowest overall cost



CSD Downloadable Documents

2002337F CSD Data Sheet

2002367F Payload Spec for 3U 6U 12U

3000257B CSD Operating and Integration Procedure

3000266A CSD Pack-Unpack Procedure

CAD Model 3U CSD with Payload

CAD Model 6U CSD with Payload

CAD Model 12U CSD with Payload

2002399B #10 Access Wrench

2002401A Welded Clicker Head

2002616B CSD Vibe Plate

CSD Training Videos

The Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) is a reliable, testable, and cost-effective deployment mechanism for small secondary or tertiary payloads. It fully encapsulates the payload during launch and thus provides privacy and mission assurance for both the primary payload and launch vehicle.

The CSD is incredibly easy to load, integrate, and operate. With no consumables, ground testing is even easier. The CSD allows users to stow a payload, eject, and re-stow in seconds.

The CSD has the largest internal volume and allows more room for solar panels and other deployables.

With an array of mount points, the CSD allows mounting to any face. This reduces the necessity for heavy interface structures and allows the CSDs to be densely packaged on the launch vehicle.

See PSC Document 2002337 CSD Data Sheet for more information.

Sizes Available

CSD Size 3U
CSD Size 6U
CSD Size 12U