PSC Improves Hardware Inspection via Automation

Mar 11, 2016 | Company News

Flight hardware inspection consumes a significant amount of time and resources. As PSC sales continue to increase, the quantity of parts to inspect naturally rises. In order to improve inspection efficiency while not sacrificing quality, PSC turned to a common solution: automation. A new image dimensional measurement tool has been procured and the inspection process has been redesigned around it. The tool uses a tunable high-resolution image of a part to compare specified dimensions to machined dimensions. Inspectors can program and save this information for future inspections. The tool also includes automatic recognition of difficult-to-measure features such as threads and radii. After a part’s profile is complete and saved the inspector can quickly recall it, place multiple parts on the tool, and measure the parts in seconds. Results are saved and the inspector immediately knows if the parts meet drawing specifications. Automated inspection is saving PSC time and increasing the fidelity of our inspection process.